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  1. City

    Everard's City passes Rosherville inward bound in 1983. Built 1976 she was 499 gr tons. By this time the fleet was a small ripple compared to its glorious past and one of Europe's martime coastal spectacles was drawing to a close.
  2. City

    Launch Date: 27 Jan 1976 Date of completion: Mar 1976 Builder: Scheepswerf Biholt NV, Holland in their Foxhol yard, Yard No. 600 Built for F. T Everard and Sons Ltd Dimensions: 499 grt : 320 net tons : 860 DWT Length overall: 56.1 m x Beam: 9.9m Machinery: 1 – 6cylinder oil engine by...
  3. City of Istanbul

    City of Istanbul on river Elbe
  4. City

  5. CITY

  6. CITY

    Istanbul on 1.4.2006 Xinhe Shipyard,Tianjin.China .2001
  7. City

    Everard's City leaving Perth loaded, seen in the early nineties.
1-7 of 7 Results