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  1. Clan Line

    ClanLine ship, unknown name and location.
  2. Clan Line

    Unknown Clan line vessel in the Suez canal.
  3. Clan Urquhart

    Clan line at anchor in the R.Thames estuary.
  4. Unidentified Clan = CLAN MACFADYEN

    Can't quite make out the name of this Clan Line ship so would anyone be able to help.
  5. Clan Line

  6. A last memory of the Clan Line

    Although it is now 31 years since the last 'Clan Boat' left Birkenhead, the company sign is still clearly visible on the transit shed at the Vittoria Dock, Birkenhead.
  7. The Clan Line - a last memory

    Although it is now 31 years since the last 'Clan boat' left Birkenhead, the 'Clan Line' sign is still clearly visible on the end of the cargo transit shed at Vittoria Dock, Birkenhead.
  8. Clan Ross

    Clan Line ships laid-up at Southampton...Clan Ross, Clan Robertson and Clan Ranald.
  9. Clan Line

    The Clan Line loading berth in Birkenhead. Built in the 1960s, this facility had room for six ships, three on each side. There were 16 quayside cranes, of which only two remain. These cranes had the ability to travel to the end of the quay to a turntable, then travel along the cross quay to...
  10. FSB-01

    FSB-01 A lesser known unit of the British & Commonwealth fleet she was a bulk carrier conversion to pipe storage to support the North Sea oil industry. (See this thread :

  12. Clan Macnab

    Vittoria Dock, Birkenhead, July 1975
  13. Clan Ross (II)

    A Basil Feilden photo bought at a second-hand shop. Clan Ross Built: 1914 Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Wallsend Tonnage: 5,897grt Owners: Clan Line Steamers Ltd 1918: May 5: Torpedoed by UB48, 28 miles off Cape Camaret, Gulf of Lyons, blowing a hole 27ftx50ft in her hull. The Uboat...
  14. Clan Matheson (IV)

    A Basil Feilden postcard bought in a second-hand shop. Clan Matheson Built: 1919 Wm. Hamilton and Co, Port Glasgow Tonnage: 5,613grt Owners: Clan Line Steamers Ltd 1919: Launched as Clan Morgan, entered service as Clan Matheson 1943: December 5: Damaged and caught fire during a Japanese...
  15. Clan Macfarlane (II)

    A Basil Feilden photo, bought at second-hand collectables shop. Clan Macfarlane Built: 1922 Ayrshire Dockyard Co, Irvine Tonnage: 6,222grt Owners: Clan Line Steamers Ltd 1940: Lost in collision with 'Ganges'(Nourse) off Socotra Is, Red Sea. Over 41 lost, including20 native Askari soldiers...
  16. Clan Macbrayne (I)

    A Basil Feilden postcard. Clan Macbrayne Built 1916 Ropner and Sons, Stockton on Tees Tonnage: 4,818grt Owners: Clan Line Steamers Ltd 1943: Transferred to Houston Line 1948: Sold to C.Galanos SSCo, Panama, r/n San Georgio 1950: Broken up by T.W. Ward at Barrow
  17. Clan Farquharson at Auckland

    A rare visit to NZ for Clan Line, early 1960's, although frequent visitors early 20th century. Taken at Auckland by the late F.Kemsley. Clan Farquharson Built: 1962 Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Wallsend Tonnage: 9,292grt Owners: Clan Line 1968: Sold to Arya National Shipping Lines...
  18. Clan Grant

    Vittoria Dock, early 1970s
  19. Clan Macgregor

    Birkenhead, July 1975
1-20 of 36 Results