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  1. Clansman

    CalMac's MV Clansman in Oban Bay.

    Clansman departing Oban.

    Clansman alongside in Oban.
  4. Clansman

    Clansman approaching Oban yesterday
  5. Clansman

    CalMac's MV Clansman heading away from Oban with the 16.30 sailing to Colonsay.
  6. Clansman

    CalMac's MV Clansman pulling away from the Railway Pier, Oban with the 16.30 sailing to Colonsay.

    Caledonian MacBrayne's CLANSMAN outward bound from the Mersey at 09.30 on Saturday 20th February 2016
  8. Clansman

    CalMac's MV Clansman heading for Oban Bay with the Sunday sailing from Barra.
  9. Clansman

    MV Clansman departing Oban with the 12.15 sailing to Coll and Tiree - a re-scheduled sailing due to the CalMac crew strike due tomorrow 26 June.
  10. Clansman

    ClaMac's MV Clansman goes "left hand down a bit" as she heads out of Oban Bay with the 13.40 Wednesday sailing to Lochboisdale and Castlebay.
  11. Clansman

    Running about 30 minutes late, Clansman finally gets away from Oban with the 13.40 Wednesday sailing to Barra.
  12. 'Clansman' waves!

    This shows the CalMac ferry, MV 'Clansman', buffeting her way through Am Bun Dubh - the (often) rough waters at the northern end of the Sound of Gunna - when sailing to Barra on 22 May 2014.
  13. Clansman

    Leaving Oban last week for the Outer Hebrides.
  14. Clansman

    Leaving Oban last for the outer Hebrides.
  15. Clansman

    ClaMac's Clansman approaching Oban with the 09.10 sailing from Castlebay. The private yacht Hampshire II is in the background.
  16. Clansman

    Approaching Oban with the 07.30 sailing from Lochboisdale.
  17. Clansman

    Backing out of the berth at Ardrossan on 1230 departure today Monday 13th January.
  18. Clansman

    Clansman at Ardrossan today Monday 13th January loading for the 1230 sailing to Brodick whilst on relief duties.
  19. Clansman

    Arriving at Ardrossan on Monday 13th January while on relief duties.
  20. Clansman

    Adverse weather kept Isle of Mull in Oban for most of the day, but nothing stopped Clansman departing with the 13.40 sailing to Barra.
1-20 of 60 Results