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  1. Clydebank

    The fitting out basin at Clydebank
  2. Clydebank

    Bank Lines Clydebank leaves Hull Locks for sea in 1991. Built 1974 she was 11,405 gr tons.

    On 18 November 1968, I left my studies at Glasgow University for one day, and proceeded to Clydebank, in the earnest hope that I would be able to see the 'Queen Elizabeth 2' before she sailed out of John Brown's yard. I got off the train at Clydebank station, went down the street, and into the...
  4. Queen Mary

    Some recent pictures posted of the Queen Mary during her construction reminded me of this photo in my collection, and I thought it would make a good addition to those other images. The view from the air shows the ship during her fitting out at John Brown's Shipyard. Notice that only two of her...
  5. Aquitania Launch

    The Aquitania is launched into the river Clyde on April 21, 1913, 100 years ago today. The crowd that witnessed this event was massive.
  6. Aquitania Launch

    This impressive bow view of Aquitania on the stocks was taken a John Brown’s yard on the same day as the previous stern view.
  7. Aquitania Launch

    Today marks the 100th anniversary of the launch of the Aquitania at Clydebank, and I thought it fitting to post some additional views from that event. Here, in a stern view, the liner is seen on the stocks at John Brown’s yard a few days before the Countess of Derby christened the ship.
  8. Aquitania

    This picture is one of three images taken by an unknown photographer who then made them into postcards, which he sold privately. They have all become quite rare to see today. One of the remaining two has been posted earlier...
  9. QE2 Launch

    The last great Cunard Liner to be built on Clyde is shown being launched on 20 September, 1967. Thanks to excellent maintenance, and a conversion to diesel propulsion in mid-life, the QE2 would enjoy the longest service record of any vessel, while operating under the Cunard House Flag.
  10. Aquitania Launch

    Three tugs tow the hull of the Aquitania to the fitting-out basin.
  11. Aquitania Launch

    The hull of the Aquitania is seen having cleared the launch slip, and is completely waterborne. Tugs, staged off to the right will take control of the newly launched hull, and move it to John Brown’s fitting-out basin.
  12. Aquitania Launch

    The hull of the Aquitania slides into the river Clyde during her launch on 21 April, 1913. This event was witnessed by nearly 400,000 people.
  13. Aquitania Construction

    Aquitania is shown under construction at Clydebank around the September, 1912 timeframe. Notice the external access point to the hulls lowest deck cut in the ships side.
  14. Aquitania

    Aquitania is seen in a close –up view from above as she departs the Fitting-Out Basin at John Browns Shipyard on May 10th, 1914.
  15. Aquitania Launch

    This is another Bedford Lemer image taken in early April, 1913. This view shows the ships’ hull from the stern, as well as the jungle of scaffolding built to provide access for painters of the new vessel. The signature long exposure system, used by the Lemer photographers, is emphasized in...
  16. Aquitania Launch

    A fine bow view of the Aquitania’s hull on the stocks, close to the date of her launch in April, 1913. This picture, taken by the Bedford Lemer company, shows the final touches of paintwork being applied to some very high points on the hull. Health and safety, as a job, obviously didn’t exist...
  17. Aquitania under Construction

    'Aquitania' under construction at John Brown & Co Ltd, Clydebank in 1913, where the majority of the Cunard ships were built. Her keel was laid in the same plot that had famously served building Lusitania and that would later be used for building Queen Mary. This view is from a position north...
  18. Clydebank

    Later Bank Line
  19. Clydebank in Port Moresby

    Clydebank at the berth in Port Moresby
  20. On deck

    Clydebank outbound to PNG, with tank containers of hydrogen-peroxide on deck, for the goldmine at Ok Tedi.
1-20 of 21 Results