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  1. Clymene

    A 1983 view of Hadfley Shipping's Clymene outward bound on The Thames at Rosherville. 1976 built she was 5,999 gr tons.
  2. Clymene

    The Clymene on a Sunshine Cruise to New Zealand, berthed in Lyttelton. Completed in 1961 she went to breakers in Kaohsiung in 1976.
  3. Clymene

    Hadley Shipping Company shell 'A' class long time service award on this vessel
  4. Baldy

    On the Hadley Steam Ship Clymene (Chartered to Shell. April - Oct 1967. Was entering the Persian Gulf on route Band Mahshar where we paid off. I regretted shaving my hair off that day.

    On trials,Built by Hawthorn Leslie ,for Hadley Shipping Co Ltd London-12,800 g.t.-560 ft l.o.a X 72 breadth-2 grd turbs by the shipbuilders 7,500 b.h.p. 14,5 knots.She was orinally order by Shell Tankers.
  6. Clymene

    The Clymene at Littleton in 1962.
1-6 of 6 Results