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  1. 541 SS Aegir (1912).

    Original watercolour of the steam coaster AEGIR, built by Cochrane & Sons of Selby in 1912 for Hull owner D Hurley. Deadweight approx 250 tons on a length oa of 125 feet Powered by a single 47rhp two cylinder engine giving a speed of about 9.5 knots Sank in 1930
  2. Laid up coasters ?

    Looks like they are up for sale or scrap.

    Watercolour painting of the steam coaster Kenrix built by Cochrane & Sons, Selby in 1921 for R Rix & Sons of Hull. Triple Expansion engine developing 600 ihp. 692 grt.

    JAN KAHRS IMO 5405463 1963 completed by Stader Schiffswerft GmbH, Stade for Johann Kahrs, Hamburg 499GRT, 1.160dw, 480bhp MaK, 10.5kn 1973 ger. MARINA H. (Johann Heeren, Oldenburg) 1978 JASMIN (Kolschen + Co., Nordenham) 11.03.1979 on voyage from Leixoes to Grangemouth sank 42.23N...
  5. ESTE

    ESTE Location: Stadersand, Elbe, in process to berth at Stadersand, river Schwinge Date: 1966 Completed 1959 by Stader Schiffswerft, Stade for Stader Motorschiffahrt GmbH, Stade 422GRT, 837tdw, 300bhp MaK 1969 BREITENBURG 1978 beached with heavy list near Spurn Pilot, 53.32N 00.03E...
  6. Wm.Holyman's, Lemana & William Holyman

    Holyman vessels Lemana & William Holyman at Melbourne's South Wharf, with the Ketch, Loatta (a former Holyman vessel) in between and the Lorinna another Holyman vessel in the foreground.
  7. Chinese Coasters

    Two local Chinese traders Ao Jiang and Min Yu You 7 cross paths off Hong Kong Island...
  8. Francesca Prior

    On the Thames, Upper Pool 10th May 2006 YOB 1965 GT 172
  9. Anita

  10. Redwing

  11. Jonrix

  12. Scandinavian coasters, 1950

    Skårhamn in Sweden around 1950. As can be seen, many of the vessels can be sailed, although not all with that possibility have any sails bent. Some of these vessels would have started their life without any machinery, and hardly any of them would have masts that size ten years later. Square...
1-13 of 14 Results