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    The empty tanker SPARROWS POINT, idles in the morning after a foggy night collision with the Canadian Freighter MANX FISHER on October 25, 1947. An explosion followed the impact blowing deck plates apart for some 30 feet followed by a fire aboard. In the image you can see the deck plates...
  2. Worst Maritime Accidents

    Worst Maritime Accidents: The Tricolor Cargo Ship Accident
  3. One and All collision with Tunis

    During the sail past at the Hobart wooden boat festival the restored yacht Tunis crossed the path of One and All and ran out of wind. Result was a collision where Tunis lost her mast. She managed to make it back to her moorings. I guess size does matter and you should always give way to it.
  4. MARE

    MARE - General Cargo Ship - IMO 9214006 Built 2004 - Gt2,080 / Dwt2,953 - Flag Netherlands- Delfzjil. Seen transiting the Kiel Canal eastwards for the Baltic Sea.
  5. Collision STAVTANK - TÄRNHAV

    Norwegian Tanker STAVTANK entered the Brunsbüttel locks after a collision in Kiel canal in winter 2005/06. Tanker TÄRNHAV transitted eastbound through the Kiel canal in ballast conditions when the vessel suddenly get out of control. TÄRNHAVS bulbous bow crashed into STAVTANKS portside side and...
  6. Wec van Ruysdael

    This is vessel in better days. On youtube some film about her collision earlier this week in the Netherlands.
  7. Lambanes FD 120

    A british trawler (who?) ran into "Lambanes" ca 1948 and was in a bad condition taken up on she slip i Tórshavn. Here the damage is inspected. (The picture in the book is mirrored)
  8. Kashmir - Dubai

    The non-damaged side of the Kashmir
  9. Collision in Strait of Dover - 1959?

    This picture is in the family album and the ship appears to be the MV SUGAR EXPORTER. How can I trace details of the accident? How can I trace details if the repair? My father, William Redvers Forster (1900-75), was Chief Engineer at the time. SEE ALSO MY ENQUIRY ON THE FORUM. Bill Forster
  10. Collision

    An American sound steamer rammed amidship. Apart from what is obvious: that we are in American waters, I know nothing of the incident. (If somebody has posted this photo before, I am most sorry to have produced a duplicate). I have tried to find the incident on the net. "Sound steamer in...
1-10 of 11 Results