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  1. End of Days

    Endeavour ex Colonel Templer at the shipbreakking yard in Rosneath.
  2. End of Days

    Endeavour ex Colonel Templer at the Rosneath shipbreaking yard in the Gareloch
  3. Colonel Templer

    Reputedly used for surveillance activities and known locally as The Spy Ship Formerly the fishing vessel Criscilla - view of her at that time here:
  4. Colonel Templer

    Colonel Templer at Falmouth county wharf sometime early 2000's
  5. Criscilla FD 261

    Built in 1966 at Hall, Russel & Co., Aberdeen for J. Marr & Son, Fleetwood. 185,6 x 36 x 23 ft.
  6. Colonel Templer

    Colonel Templer A229 Acoustic Research Vessel. Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service.
  7. Colonel Templer

    Not sure if this is the right place for this one. Colonel Templer A229 acoustic research vessel. Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service.
1-8 of 8 Results