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columbus australia
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    Auckland 1978 Built 1971 for Hamburg Sud. 1999 broken up China. This ship and her sisters Columbus New Zealand and Columbus America started the containership age in NZ when Columbus New Zealand made her first trip in 1971.They served their owners well lasting over 25 years and all going...
  2. Columbus Australia

    s.s. 'Columbus Australia' of Hamburg-Sud. Photo 2 of her ready to berth at Hamilton 2 berth.
  3. Columbus Australia

    s.s. 'Columbus Australia' of Hamburg-Sud, Hamburg. Built 1971 by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft A.G., Hamburg for Containerschiffsreederei S.S. 'Columbus Australia' Rudolf A. Oetker K.G. Fully cellular containership of 19,146 grt, 10,795 nrt and 21,655 dwt with an intake of about 1,187 teus both...
1-4 of 4 Results