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  1. Michael on Columbus New Zealand 1976

    That's me on the Columbus New Zealand.That was in 1976 and the bell I would now like home !!!But I have a small bell after all, look here: Oh, the times were still beautiful but ...!
  2. Columbus Wellington

    Columbus Wellington at Wellington, NZ. Built: 1977 Weser Seebeck, Bremerhaven Tonnage: 14,173grt Owners: Columbus Line 1994: Sold to Pacific International Line, r/n 'Kota Berani' 2008: Broken up Chittagong.
  3. Columbus America

    Columbus America at Wellington. Built: 1971 Howaldtswerke-DW, Ross Tonnage: 19,146grt Owners: Columbus Line 1999: Broken up Jiangyia.
  4. Columbus Canada

    Columbus Canada departing Auckland 30th December 1997 for Australia. Still in fleet as Cap Brett on NZ to Asia Service, but no longer an "owned" vessel.
  5. Columbus California

    Columbus California departing from Auckland 24 November 1998. Launched in April 1982 as Monte Cervantes, 21,863grt. 184.9m LOA, 1185 TEU. Vessel was transferred to the Hamburg Sud owned Brazilian Line Alianca when the AUS/NZ - ECUSA service was being retonagged and the conair vessels were being...
  6. Columbus Victoria

    An empty Columbus Victoria sailing under Sydney Harbour Bridge after leaving a layby berth at White Bay. The vessel had been phased out of the AUS/NZ - WCUSA service and was entering the AUS/NZ - ECUSA service. Previous names; Columbus Louisiana and Oregon Star. Not sure of the date but would...
  7. Columbus Olivos

    Columbus Olivos sailing from Auckland 6th December 1998. Previous names: Dunedin, Monte Pascoal. Current owners at the time V Ships.
  8. Cap Vilano

    Cap Vilano sailing from Auckland on 2nd December 1998. Built 1977 / 27754gt. Owners: Costamare. Greek flagged. Have seen 2 other vessels that are similiar to this vessel; Brisbane Star/PONL Lyttelton and Oregon Star.
  9. Columbus America

    At Auckland 9 June 1991, final loading port before sailing for Panama. Conair vessel. When below decks were filled, port hole reefers were loaded upto two high on deck fitted with MCOU's (clip on units) to provide refrigeration.
  10. Columbus America

    Columbus America arriving Auckland 9 June 1991. 1187 TEU, 193.99M LOA, 19,146GRT, Launched 25 May 1971. Scrapped 1999. Sister ships: Columbus New Zealand, Columbus Australia.
  11. Columbus Wellington at anchor

    Columbus Wellington at anchor in the Hauraki Gulf, Auckland. Small by todays standards her capacity was 750 TEU's. Part of the "VW class" Sister ships Columbus Victoria and Virginia. Sold to PIL (Pacific International Lines) still in service
  12. Columbus Queensland arriving Auckland

    Columbus Queensland arriving Auckland. Recognisable by the gantry crane on deck. Still in service today as Cap York on the Australia/Asia trade.
  13. Columbus Florida departing Auckland

    Columbus Florida departing Auckland early morning. The start of the charter vessel age. When this photo was taken there was only 2 container operators on the vessel, today with rationalisation there are 5 container operatorsand a majority of the time the vessels sail full.
  14. Columbus Victoria

    A full Columbus Victoria departing Auckland early on a summers morning for Panama. Although only 2 high on deck and 7 below deck those Australian and New Zealand exports were heavy boxes !!.
  15. Columbus Canterbury

    Columbus Canterbury arriving Auckland. Built as Monte Rosa. Has now been transferred to the Hamburg Sud owned Brazilian carrier ..Allianca and used in one of their services,
  16. Columbus Olivos

    Columbus Olivos departing Auckland 26/07/1998. Previously named Monte Pascoal and prior to that Shaw Savill's Dunedin.
  17. Columbus Canada arriving Auckland

    A black hulled Columbus Canada arriving in Auckland 08/05/1994 after having been repurchased by Hamburg Sud. Launched as Columbus Canterbury in 1979, sold to the Belguim Line CMB in 1987, repurchased in 1994 but sold again in the late 90's and chartered back. Still in service with Hamburg Sud...
  18. Columbus New Zealand

    Columbus New Zealand about to sail, photo taken from the bridge win of another Columbus Line vessel in port at the time.
  19. Columbus New Zealand

    A tired Columbus New Zealand departing Auckland on 02/08/1998 for the final time. Next ports Sydney and Melbourne for discharge then Alang for scrapping. This vessel brought containerisation to New Zealand in 1971.
  20. Columbus Line funnel

    The characteristic funnel of Columbus Line. Featured on vessels built in the 70's and 80's. At night in port the two levels of the funnel were lit up by rows of lights.
1-20 of 23 Results