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    Accompanying text: Builder: F. Schichau, Danzig, Germany. Completed: June 1922 Gross tonnage: 32,581 Dimensions: 775ft. x 83ft. Depth 49ft. Engines: Two single-reduction geared turbines Screws: Twin Decks: Five Normal speed: 23 knots Passenger accomondation: 478 cabin, 644 tourist and third cl
  2. Columbus


  3. Columbus


    Columbus in Bremerhaven
  4. Columbus


    Norwegian LPG tanker COLUMBUS, imo 6722296/ 90,6m/ 2.759gt/12,5kn; 27/11/1967 completed by Moss Vaerft & Dokk, Moss, as JANEGAZ for Skibs A/S Widan, Bergen; 1970 COLUMBUS, I/S Langskib, Kristiansand; 1980 SILVERSEA, Silverfjord Shipping Co., Ltd., London; 1983 BARGAS, Barlee Marine Corp., Panama; 19
  5. New York Harbor, February, 1939

    New York Harbor, February, 1939

    European passenger liners jam New York's water front in February, 1939. Four of the five largest would be lost within the next five years.
  6. Columbus




    COLUMBUS, TN 29, Tórshavn. Built 1882 in Goole, Uk Owner was Mortan Mørk. This picture 1926. Later sold to D.P. Højgaard, Toftir. n/r, FD 593.
  8. SS Columbus postcard

    SS Columbus postcard

    From a postcard booklet - note perforations at corner
  9. Smacks at Skála Skipasmiðja during WW2

    Smacks at Skála Skipasmiðja during WW2

    Columbus and William Martin FD 588. Notice the wartime painting of the "Merkið" on the bows.
  10. Columbus


    Columbus of Norddeutscher Lloyd built 1923 at Schichau Danzig here seen after refit of machinery (at Blohm + Voss in Hamburg 1929 now turbine propulsion enabling 22 kn instead of 18 kn) with larger funnels somewhat similar to Bremen and Europa.


    Passenger Ship, COLUMBUS off Greenock 2.9.2009 heading to the open seas. She was in Greenock on a one day stopover. No info on her or where headed for. A cloudy but dry day.


    Passenger ship, COLUMBUS leaving the berth at Greenock 2.9.2009. She was in Greenock on a one day stopover. Sorry no info where she is headed or from. A dry but cloudy day.
  13. Columbus VN 650

    Columbus VN 650

    Columbus of Vestmanna, Built in Dieppe, France, in 1961 as a longliner (in a series of 6), later converted to trawling. After a long inactive period, Columbus and the sister, name?, ar restarting the fishing as pair-trawlers. Seen in Tórshavn 28.03.2009.
  14. Columbus VN 650 & Nornagestur VN 660

    Columbus VN 650 & Nornagestur VN 660

  15. Columbus VN 650 & Nornagestur VN 660

    Columbus VN 650 & Nornagestur VN 660

    Pair trawlers Columbus and Nornagestur on the new slipway at MEST, Skála, Faroes. They were actually heading for the scrapyard, but the owner changed his mind.
  16. Columbus


    Snapshot bought at collectables fair. Columbus Built: 1924 Schichau, Danzig Tonnage: 32,354grt Owners: Norddeutscher Lloyd 1914: Laid down--double bottom complete by outbreak of war, but building halted until 1920. Originally planned to call her 'Hindenburg.' 1922: June 17: Naming ceremony. In the l
  17. Columbus vessels

    Columbus vessels

    Columbus Queensland berthing with Columbus Canterbury alongside Fergusson Wharf in Auckland.
  18. Alkmaardermeer


    Op het Alkmaardermeer 2004
  19. Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus

    News Paper scoop. To be read with next page.