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  1. Jokeremme

    Owner :ignazio messina-Genoa
  2. Rolleremme

    Owner: Ignazio Messina -Genoa Builder : John Cockerill SA -Hoboken year 1950 ex cargo ship "Barbara Brovig" Call Sign I C XK Speed 15 knods ramp 5,656mt x 5,00mt Lift Main deck to Upper deck 7,90 mt x 4,40mt capacity 8 ton. Cargo capacity: same Jokeremme Buy in 1970 and converted in...
  3. Jokeremme

    Owner: Ignazio messina -Genoa Call sign I C X L Speed 15 knots GT 1565,18 NT 778,87 Builder: John Cockerill Sa - Hoboken year 1949 ex cargoship " Ragnhild Brovig" "Stellaemme" Buy from messina in 1970 and converted in ro-ro container ship in genoa. Trade: Italy-Lybia-Lebanon Cargo...
  4. JOLLY Platino IMO 8901872

    Owner: Ignazio messina -Genoa Type: Containership Call Sign I B K P Ex European Senator owner: Senator Lines Builder Hyndai Ulsan year 1990 hull nr 675 GT 24305 NT 10391 Dwt 7005m Cargo capacity : 2000 Teu Crew 19 Trade : Italy-Saudi Arabia -Perian Gulf Sold Senator line to messina May 1997

    Owner : HML -Greece
  6. Hoggar

    owner: algeria ferries
1-6 of 6 Results