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    The Honduran coaster COMPASS I (or COMPASS 1) was beached on 12th January 1986 during a storm (force 9 Bft) on the island of Texel. She suffered a crack just under the waterline on starboard. Shortly after that the engine jammed. The captain accused the British fuel supplier of having delivered...
  2. The Bridge
    Has anyone here ever had to adjust the compass underway without the aid of a professional compass adjuster? In the US MM, we tend not to do it but I am wondering if anyone else does it as a matter of course.
  3. Checking the compass

    This is captain Junker aboard the Danish schoolship Georg Stage in the 1930's. I could believe he was studying the 'standard compass', a compass that were further away from metal than the steering compass, and was regularly compared with the steering compass, but this one seems to be the...
  4. Standard compass

    The Captain of Finnish four-mast barque Olivebank studying the standard compass. I guess the wheelsman would yell out what the steering compass showed, so that the Captain could make a comparison. As can be seen, the standard compass is well elevated away from any metal. A bit quaint is the...
1-4 of 4 Results