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  1. Concordia,

    Concordia at Malaga 24may2012 IMO 9162678, Blt 1997, Gt 7981, PoR Hamburg Managers - Reederei Peter Koppelmann GmbH Owners - Partenreederei MS Concordia ex Tiznit-10, Concordia-09, Tiznit-09, Concordia-07, Chiquita Las Americas-00, Concordia-97
  2. Concordia recovery

    Heavier equipment in place working today on 11th Aug. 2012. I check the webcam each day and this is the first I've seen such a large crane operating.
  3. Costa Concordia cutaway showing engine room

    This cutaway shows the engine room.
  4. Costa Concordia Damage

    May as well get this one in there with the others. That green bit is one of several units in the engine room.
  5. Concordia

    Concordia Details unknown. I think it is a Scandinavian ship.
  6. Concordia

    Here we have a third Norwegian Concordia. An iron three-masted barque, built in 1886 by Huijgens and van Gelder, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (190,9x35,6x20,6 ft.) (1032 BRT / 987 NRT) Launched in 1886 for W.A. Huijgens, Amsterdam. Sold in 1898 to Schiffahrtsgesellschaft Austra, Riga...
  7. Concordia....VENICE

    Public ferry service . to Ponta Sabioni........Taken mid 80s
1-7 of 7 Results