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  1. Conon Forest

    Radioroom and my cabin, it was next to the bar very considerate, thats the cabin of course. Crusader Main TX, remember those beauties, OK for w/t but you could only talk to GKA with those paired frequencies on the Pennant or try to tune in the Atalanta on cw. I rmrmber painting my shower...
  2. Conon Forest

    Another view taken in Prince Rupert BC 1971
  3. Conon Forest

    Kitimat BC, I seem to remember we berthed the other side of quay in Gold River as a Russki was on the other side, they made us fast as it was Xmas day or Boxing day, memory fades, but thats 'Nippy' Norman Clark 3/E 1971/72
  4. Conon Forest

    Ishinomaki Japan, discharging phosphates into 'big' funnel and direct to lorries, those where the ports eh. John Kay, 'leckie' posing nonchalantly
  5. Conon Forest + Me

    This is Niigata not Nagoya, and it snowed pretty heavily the night before, we still managed to get a run ashore though this is the next day on a sober up walk, not a lot to see though.
1-5 of 5 Results