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  1. Lottinge and Lyminge

    Lottinge and Lyminge and earlier Beltinge on sea trials
  2. Emergency repairs

    Beltinge on Dartmouth Marine Railway. Halifax NS. Emergency repairs following the discovery of several leaking riverts in No. 4 hold off Newfoundland. October 1964 Owner - Constants of Cardiff
  3. Susan Constant

    At Itea in the Gulf of Patras. Last of the cargo of Bauxite on board and on our marks. On day alongside but time enough for the Chief and me to get up to Delphi.
  4. Susan Constant

    At Newcastle, New Brunswick, Canada 1962. A full load of Pulp wood for France. All ready to go awaiting pilot and tide.
  5. Susan Constant

    Berthed in Kramfors 1963, the day Pres. Kennerdy was shot. This was to be our last trip of 1963 into the north of Gulf of Bothnia as the ice was starting to form. We wer on chrter to the Swedish Company AB Rex for the Baltic season
  6. Beltinge

    Constants of Cardiff. Loadinf pulp wood from water rafts in Country Harbour Nova Scotia. 1964
  7. Susan Constant

    Constants of Cardiff. Arrival in Richibucto, New Brunswick, Canada.
1-7 of 7 Results