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  1. Liners in New York

    A fine group of liners seen together in New York on 3 January, 1961.
  2. Constitution

    American Export Line Artists impression of the Constitution on a postcard issued by the company - artist unknown

    (Left to right) Sun, Promenade and Upper Decks of American Hawaii's CONSTITUTION, photographed from Aloha Tower the afternoon of 3 April 1993.

    American Hawaii's CONSTITUTION at Honolulu, photographed from the fantail of her twin, INDEPENDENCE.

    Water splashes out of the Sun Deck pool as CONSTITUTION pitches slightly in the Pacific swells.

    American Hawaii Cruises' CONSTITUTION at sea on 7 October 1993.

    American Hawaii Cruises' CONSTITUTION at sea on the morning of 4 April 1993.

    American Hawaii Cruises' CONSTITUTION tied-up at Kahului, Maui on 6 April 1993.

    American Hawaii Cruises' CONSTITUTION berthed at Hilo on 8 April 1993.

    American Hawaii Cruises' CONSTITUTION anchored off Kona on the morning of 9 April 1993.
  11. Constitution

    The S.S. CONSTITUTION was laid up many years in the St. John's River, Jacksonville, Florida. This was taken about 1973. I would guess that she was there 5+ years or more.
  12. Constitution

    At Naples in June 1963
  13. Constitution

    The newly completed Constitution passes through the Fore River Draw Bridge after leaving the Bethlehem Shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts on 27 April, 1951. According to the AP caption on the photo, the liner had accommodations for 1000 passengers, or 5,000 troops in time of war.
  14. Constitution

    This is the fifth picture in a set of views of the Constitution undergoing repairs in the Baltimore dry dock in Maryland in April 1954. I finally got a scanner that can handle the larger format photographs. Based on the captions of the other pictures, I originally thought the ship was...
  15. Constitution

    This is another image of the Constitution arriving in Baltimore for an overhaul in April, 1954.
  16. Constitution

    The Constitution is shown after being lifted from the water in Baltimore’s large hydraulic drydock on March 30th, 1954. The liner has drawn a large group of on-lookers. There is a fifth picture in this set which I would have included, but unfortunately it’s too large a format to fit on my scanner.
  17. Constitution

    The Constitution had to tie up at a Baltimore pier on the evening of March 29th, while waiting for the drydock to be cleared the following day. The couple in the foreground is actually a double exposure that was added to the picture, after its’ initial processing. They almost appear kind of...
  18. Constitution

    Here is a close-up view of the Constitution upon her arrival at Baltimore on March 29th, 1954. This entire set of pictures was once the property of the Baltimore Sun-Times, and some of the retouching done by the papers photography lab can be seen on the bumpers of the tug, and on the liners...
  19. Constitution

    American Export Lines SS Constitution arrives in Baltimore for an overhaul on March 29th, 1954. The liner is seen passing beneath the new Chesapeake Bay Bridge as she enters the Maryland port.
  20. Luxury Liner Row

    Another view of Luxury Liner Row in New York City, and this time, the picture was taken in the late 1950’s, or early 1960’s. A classic view showing what would prove to be some of the last great North Atlantic Liners.
1-20 of 27 Results