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  1. Prinsesse Margrethe

    The DFDS ferry Prinsesse Margrethe in Copenhagen.
  2. Copenhagen Harbour

    Copenhagen "Free Harbour" in the early 30's Two cargo/passenger ships. Names ? The two tugs with FB funnel are ODIN outside and GORM
  3. Hydrofoil - Copenhagen

    Hydrofoil from Malmo, Sweden, to Copenhagen. September 21, 1968.
  4. Copenhagen

    About to tie up, Copenhagen, September 20, 1968.
  5. Copenhagen

    Early morning, Copenhagen harbor, September 20, 1968.
  6. Copenhagen

    Entering Copenhagen, September 20, 1968.
  7. Kong Olav V

    Captain of the Kong Olav V at work. Docking in Copenhagen. Slide taken September 20, 1968.

    Great Eastern Railway steamer COPENHAGEN berthed in Hook of Holland. Regular service to Harwich.
  9. Copenhagen

    With the ferry for Malmo departing - the MV Ornen - and a DFDS freighter alongside
  10. Nyhavn, Copenhagen

    Note the Gedser Rev lightship, built in Odense in 1895. Oddly, despite the fact that she was a lightship, with a great big light at the top of her mast, she kept getting rammed by other vessels. The most serious of these incidents, in 1954, left her at the bottom of the North Sea, with one...

    The vessel left is M.G.Melchior (1885) of DFDS. The ship Schwalbe is possibly IMO 1104389.
  12. Copenhagen

    Nyhavn 19th September 2007
  13. Copenhagen

    The Danish Royal Yacht Dannebrog and unidentified warship in port on 19th September 2007
  14. Pacific Fighter

    A crewman aboard Pacific Fighter at the Nyrstar zinc processing plant at Risdon, on the River Derwent, near Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
  15. Danmark

    Oct '74 loading train at Copenhagen for Puttgarden
  16. Langelinie quay, Copenhagen

    Landing craft (Mk 8's) alongside on a "show the flag" trip c. '63
  17. Queen of the Isles

    Queen of the Isles, 515 grt. nearing completion at Charles Hill & Sons dockyard Bristol 1965
  18. Copenhagen

1-18 of 48 Results