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  1. Corinthic

    British pass/cargo liner CORINTHIC, imo 1115296/ 157m/ one funnel/ four masts/ twin screw/ 14kn/ pax: 121 1st class; 117 2nd; 450 3rd/ crew 185 to 200; 16/07/1902 completed by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, for Shaw Savill & Albion/White Star Line joint venture; 1917 requisitioned by Ship Controller...

    UK 1940's SSA Postcard

    Shaw Savill and Albion's 1947 Cammell Laird built CORINTHIC was photographed at Avonmouth by the late Dick Parsons She finally arrived at Kaohsiung on 23.10.69 to be broken up
  4. Corinthic

    CORINTHIC 1947 15682 tgr Shaw Savill & Albion
  5. Corinthic

    I took this on the Thames in the early 60s over ten years later I took her in Rotterdam link for details ;
  6. Corinthic

    The "Corinthic" berthing at Lyttelton.
1-6 of 6 Results