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    P and O's 1949 Barclay Curle, Glasgow, built COROMANDEL spent her final days in British India colours, as here seen by the late Dick Parsons discharging cargo at Avonmouth She sailed from London on 28.8.69 bound for Karachi, where she arrived 3.11.69 already sold and to be renamed SHUN HING...
  2. Coromandel

    Postcard of the coaster Coromandel(stamped and dated 12 January, 1907) going out through Whangarei Heads. Postcard bought at collectables fair. Coromandel Built: 1879 J.Holmes, Auckland Tonnage: 99grt Owners: Northern Steamship Co, Auckland 1879: Built for the Coromandel Steam Boat Co...
  3. Deck Golf onboard Coromandel

    Any one remember the game of deck golf, somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Played every afternoon Print taken from movie film.
  4. Coromandel

    Coromandel Crew at Mt Lavinia Beach Ceylon. R/O David Nancarrow , Elec. Robertson Cadet Parry, Cadet Courtness, J/ Eng Me, Front: 4/Eng Kelly, Unknown Mate

    I have recorded this shot as Square Top Island, Sugar Loaf Rocks, Coromandel peninsular, NZ. The location means little to me now 33 years later, but perhaps a Kiwi member can verify. It was taken from Icenic as we coasted from Wellington to Auckland.
1-6 of 6 Results