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  1. P1040222.JPG

    Egyptian Navy Ship Port Said along side in the Port of Souda Crete
  2. Trillium, Canadian Flower Class Corvette

    Flower class Corvette HMCS Trillium and two others c.1941, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  3. Flint Castle

    HMS Flint Castle (K383) was a Castle-class corvette of Britain's Royal Navy. Built by Henry Robb at Leith, she was laid down on 20 April 1943 and launched on 1 September 1943. Commissioned on 31 December 1944 she served with the Clyde Escort Force until November 1945. She was then transferred to...

    HMCS ARROWHEAD Pennant Number K145 Arrowhead (ex-HMS Arrowhead), built by Marine Industries, Sorel, launched 8 August 1940 and completed 21 November 1940. – Building Time 8 month 11 days 9 Oct 1942 HMCS Hepatica (T/Lt. T. Gilmour, RCNR) and and HMCS Arrowhead (Cdr. E.G. Skinner, DSO, RCNR)...
  5. Mystery Corvette: La Decouverte, ex HMS Windrush,

    One of my correspondents sent me this pic of what looks like a River Corvette high and dry which he spotted a few miles out of Cherbourgh, possibly in the 50's or 60's. Can anybody help with an ID? Solved: HMS Windrush,
  6. HMAS Castlemaine (preserved) with James Craig in Background

    Taken on Australia Day weekend 2008 at Williamstown. Castlemaine is a preserved corvette from WW2
  7. HMAS Castlemaine

    HMAS Catlemaine is a preserved corvette/minesweeper berthed at Williamstown, Melbourne
  8. HNoMS Sleipner

    The Sleipner class Corvette of the Norwegian Navy, originally ordered 5 of these, but only two were made. Commissioned 1966, decommissioned 1992. The Sleipner were used as a target ship and sunk by a torpedo in the Northern seas of Norway June 2002. Sleipner`s sister, "Æger" (Aeger) were used...
1-8 of 8 Results