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  1. Trillium, Canadian Flower Class Corvette

    Flower class Corvette HMCS Trillium and two others c.1941, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  2. Flint Castle

    HMS Flint Castle (K383) was a Castle-class corvette of Britain's Royal Navy. Built by Henry Robb at Leith, she was laid down on 20 April 1943 and launched on 1 September 1943. Commissioned on 31 December 1944 she served with the Clyde Escort Force until November 1945. She was then transferred to the

    HMCS ARROWHEAD Pennant Number K145 Arrowhead (ex-HMS Arrowhead), built by Marine Industries, Sorel, launched 8 August 1940 and completed 21 November 1940. – Building Time 8 month 11 days 9 Oct 1942 HMCS Hepatica (T/Lt. T. Gilmour, RCNR) and and HMCS Arrowhead (Cdr. E.G. Skinner, DSO, RCNR) together
  4. Mystery Corvette: La Decouverte, ex HMS Windrush,

    One of my correspondents sent me this pic of what looks like a River Corvette high and dry which he spotted a few miles out of Cherbourgh, possibly in the 50's or 60's. Can anybody help with an ID? Solved: HMS Windrush,
  5. HMAS Castlemaine (preserved) with James Craig in Background

    Taken on Australia Day weekend 2008 at Williamstown. Castlemaine is a preserved corvette from WW2
  6. HMAS Castlemaine

    HMAS Catlemaine is a preserved corvette/minesweeper berthed at Williamstown, Melbourne
  7. HNoMS Sleipner

    The Sleipner class Corvette of the Norwegian Navy, originally ordered 5 of these, but only two were made. Commissioned 1966, decommissioned 1992. The Sleipner were used as a target ship and sunk by a torpedo in the Northern seas of Norway June 2002. Sleipner`s sister, "Æger" (Aeger) were used as a r
1-7 of 7 Results