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  1. County Class

    NORFOLK, LONDON and ANTRIM manoeuvring in company in the Channel.
  2. HMS Norfolk

    Batch 2 County class destroyer, HMS Norfolk. First Royal Navy warship to be fitted with Exocet missile system. Norfolk was sold to Chile in 1982 and renamed Capitan Prat. Decommissioned 2006 and sold to Mexico for scrap 2008.
  3. London

    USN public domain photograph taken in 1981 of London in her final year with the RN, she was sold to Pakistan on 23 March 1982 and renamed Babur. Babur was decommissioned from Pakistani service in 1993 and was sold for scrap in 1995.
  4. London

    Photographed in November 1963 , soon after being commissioned into the RN. HMS London (D16) was a County-class destroyer of the Royal Navy. She commissioned at Swan Hunter's yard in Wallsend in 4th November 1963 under Captain J.C. Bartosik and initially was fully employed setting her armament...
  5. Fife

    Photographed in Chatham Dockyard during the 1978 Navy Days, 28 May 1978, close up of the Sea Slug system onboard HMS Fife Sea Slug was a first generation surface-to-air missile designed by Armstrong Whitworth (later part of the Hawker Siddeley group) for use by the Royal Navy. It came into...
  6. Fife

    Photographed in Chatham Dockyard during the 1978 Navy Days, 28 May 1978. Royal Navy Name: HMS Fife Ordered: 26 September 1961 Builder: Fairfield Shipbuilding Laid down: 1 June 1962 Launched: 9 July 1964 Commissioned: 21 June 1966 Decommissioned: June1987 HMS Fife (D20) was...

    County Class Destroyer, completed Nov 1962. Photo believe taken in 1963
  8. Babur

    C84 Babur,,,Ex HMS London, County class Destroyer,,,,,THE Pakistan Navy classed this as a cruiser,,,,,,,taken at Portsmouth at time of change over 1982????
  9. County Class...any idea

    County Class....seen at Portsmouth...poss late 80s
1-9 of 9 Results