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  1. Empress of Ireland

    The Empress of Ireland is docked at the Liverpool Landing Stage on 29 June, 1906, at the start of her Maiden Voyage.
  2. First Cruise As Sea Princess

    A classic of Sea Princess on her first cruise out of Sydney 1979. Nearly a disaster for P.and O. as everything went wrong including the main engines, stabilizers,(you name it!!). It was a tribute to Captains Anthony Dallas, Peter Love, Chief Engineer Logie Buchan and Chief Officer Les Morrow...
  3. Sea Princess Bridge circa 1979

    BMW Simon Coxswain and Chris Hart Second Officer (now deceased) on the bridge of Sea Princess just prior to a bridge visit by the punters when she was very new to P.and O. 1979.
  4. Empress of Canada

    Could usually see one of the three on days out to Liverpool in the sixties, great ships, pity don't have any unusual views of them
  5. Empress of England

    Second of the trio, lit up the landing stage
  6. Empress of Britain

    First of the three crackers
  7. Beaverglen

    Canadian Pacific freighter
  8. Beaverford

    Canadian Pacific freighter
  9. Beaverfir

    When they where known as Canadia pacific
  10. Canadian Pacific 'Port Hawkesbury'

    Circa 1970
1-10 of 10 Results