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    Norwegian owned, but registered in Para, Brazil. Ferry and coastal passenger/cargo services in the state of Para. S/S CRATHEUS. Built 1911 Akers Mekaniske Verksted, Kristiania, Norway. Yard no. 311. Dimensions. 76.02 x 11.62 x 4.74 m. Grt / Nrt / Dwt. 1410/718/2150. Machinery. Two 3-cyl, triple-lo
  2. Cratheus

    The ship is said to belong to Lorentzen Shipping, and the year should be 1911 and have been photographed (at least the foredeck of her) in the Oslo yard Aker Mekaniske Verksted That is all I have of information at the moment. The name and the date corresponds with the shipslist here, so one must pr
1-2 of 2 Results