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  1. Asya S.JPG

    Discharging cargo in the port of Retymno Crete
  2. P1180859.JPG

    The vessel BAKAN (IMO: 9136840, MMSI 249870000) is a General Cargo Ship built in 1996 and currently sailing under the flag of Malta. Seen here at anchor in Sitia Crete.
  3. P1180537.JPG

    ANEK Line Ferry Prevelis seen here entering Sitia Crete
  4. P1050698 (2).JPG

    HMS Diamond along side in the civilian port of Souda Crete
  5. Heraklion, Crete

    In the foreground Marina, and beyond her Golden Prince.
  6. Reinforcing Crete

    The photograph shows a Greek caique of about 50 tons, seized by the German Navy, the Kriegsmarine, and provisionally armed for the use as a troop transport. The photo was taken in May 1941 in the Aegean Sea. During the Battle of Crete the German Naval command seized a vast number of small...
  7. A near miss on a light cruiser

    On the horizon, bombs straddle a light cruiser off Crete in the Mediterranean in June 1942. Photo probably taken from HMS Javelin.
  8. HMAS Nestor going down

    HMAS Nestor went down a few minutes after this photo was taken from HMS Javelin, which had rescued the crew. HMAS Nestor had been bombed off the coast of Crete and was abandoned and scuttled on the morning of 16 June 1942.
  9. HMAS Nestor sinking

    HMAS Nestor about to go down off the coast of Crete on 16 June 1942. Her boiler room had been hit by bombs from an aircraft and she was scuttled. Photo taken from HMS Javelin, which took the crew of HMAS Nestor aboard.
  10. Aquamarine

    The cruise ship Aquamarine at the port of Heraklion in Crete on 3 July 2010.
  11. Illiria

    Liner Illiria at Crete in 1983
1-12 of 12 Results