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  1. Drina

    Royal Mail Lines Drina is in London's ominously quiet Royal Victoria Dock in 1973. Built for SS&A by Swans at Wallsend in 1955 she was 11,151 gr tons and was formerly named Cretic.
  2. Cretic

    Cretic berthed at Port Adelaide, South Australia
  3. Loading Light Tanks Aden

    Chief Officer Supervising loading of light tanks of the 17- 21st Lancers in 1967 during the British withdrawal from Aden
  4. Engineers Cabin Party

    Taken on board MV Cretic - Sorry cannot remember any names

    London 1975 Built 1955 for SSA as Cretic. 1973 renamed Drina. 1977 sold and renamed United Vigour. 1979 broken up Kaohsiung.

    Avonmouth 18/7/1976. Built 1955 as Cretic for SSA. 1972 to RML renamed Drina. 1977 sold and renamed United Vigour. 1978 broken up Kaohsiung.
  7. Cretic

    Tony C, Tony ? and Tony McQuire, Black Cat Bar, Genoa, May 1966. Tony McQuire was originaly on the Durango but was put in hospital in Wellington and came back to England as a DBS on the Cretic.
  8. Cretic

    Cooling off near Aden, 1966
  9. Cretic

    The red duster
  10. Cretic

    Cretic discharging NZ lamb for the British Army, Famagusta, Cyprus 1966
  11. Cretic

    Cretic, Suez Canal 1966
  12. MV Cretic 1967 Engineers

    I wonder what these lads are up today. Thats Fred Freebie (1st Electrician) with his finger salute
  13. Loading Centruion Tank

    MV Cretic loaded the last of the British Army tanks out of Aden.When we arrived at Port Suez the officals made the turrets be trained inboard and gun barrels lowered. If only the Army had left some spare ammo.What fun could have been had with the bum boats.
  14. CRETIC

    Shaw Savill's Cretic built 1955, 11,151tons gross, 512ft long, 69ft beam, 17 knots twin screw motor ship. Did one round trip as Third Mate to Buenos Aires on this ship in early 1973 when she was in Royal Mail colours. Photo purchased from Skyfotos.
1-14 of 14 Results