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  1. Ship Research
    Hello everyone, I am a researcher at the University of Portsmouth, researching the issue of collisions between ships and marine wildlife. I have conducted extensive risk modelling, but would like to offer vessel crews and managers the opportunity to share their experience and opinions so that...
  2. Ship Research
    I'm researching the Ross Tiger/ sidewinder trawlers like it in the 1960s-70s and am trying to figure out how many crew it would usually take on a trip and what roles those crew members had. I've found some websites that say 12 and some that say 20 men. Which one is accurate? The positions on...
  3. Ocean Village

    Carnival cruise ship Ocean Village (now Pacific Pearl of P&O Cruises Australia): crew training in lifeboat drill.

    Two crewmembers of german flag coaster ANNEMARIE/ Seatrial 26/07/14.
  5. Crewmember

    Crewmembers icebreaker ;YMER. Spring 1966
  6. AB

    two crewmembers onboard icebreaker YMER 1965.
  7. Crew of Aachen + visitor+S. Ford

    On the sands of South Ford, painting down,with part of the crew and a ship's visitor
  8. Party

    Onboard Winter Star - June 1993
  9. Cambrook Crew

    Cambrook Crew. We have sailed together 1997 - 2002. Lots of work most of the time and some fun from time to time too.
  10. Crew at work

    Here on Medway River discharging to trucks. Due to tide and usually two trucks available operation require 12 - 14 hours
  11. Crew - Winter Star

    04-06-1994 Philipino Crew did a lot of work to bring this ship to nice looking state. After 4 months of hard work owner did not believe their eyes.
  12. Crew - Winter Star

    My Phillipino Crew - they used to have long contracts. We did a lot of work together. Scanned picture, oryginal from 08-07 1994.
  13. Crew at Work

    London, RMC Erith, discharging to hopper on tidal Thames it was always challanging. Crew are doing self discharging most of the time. 22-05-2004
  14. Crew

    Kielder on St. Hellens Road, Southampton, on 11-11-2004. From left: Piotr, Ryszard, Jacek, Daniel, me, Kazik, Leszek, Marek.
  15. Crew at work

    Discharging cargo in Ipswich on 20-12-2005, Power Station
  16. Crew at Work

    Kielder crew at work, here openning hatch covers on Medway on 22-05-2005
  17. Kielder - Christmas 2008

    All together for a short while, not often happened this days. Traditional Christmas meal.
  18. Kielder - Christmas 2008

    Christmas Evening 2008 - all crew together including Teddy Bear. From left: Andrzej, Krzysiek, Czeslaw, Tadeusz, Captain and Teddy Bear, Marek, Kazik, Jurij, Ryszard. Happy Christmas.
1-18 of 24 Results