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    8531 R SS CRISTOFORO COLOMBO Builder: Ansaldo Shipyards of Genoa, Italy Launched: 10 May 1953 Maiden voyage: 1954 Fate: Scrapped in 1982 at Kaohsiung, Taiwan SS Cristoforo Colombo was an Italian ocean liner, sister ship of the SS Andrea Doria. Za Xenia Vojnović 7.II.1962.
  2. New York Harbor, 1962

    In this view of the frozen Hudson River, the then new French Liner, France is seen beginning the return leg of her Maiden Voyage on 13 February, 1962. In addition to the France, the liners Cristoforo Colombo of the Italian Line, the America and United States of the US Line, and the Ivernia of...
  3. Cristoforo Colombo

    In port possibly at Lisbon - see comments
  4. Cristoforo Colombo

    At Naples in 1963
  5. Cristoforo Colombo

    At Lisbon in the 1960's with Oslofjord also in view
  6. Cristoforo Colombo

    Cristoforo Colombo seen here off the coast of Genova, Italy in July 1954.
  7. Cristoforo Colombo

    Alongside at Trieste

    In 90s. Fincantieri Marghera built 89-ZIM ANTWERP 99-CRISTOFORO COLOMBO 01-CMA CGM ENERGY 04-

    Italia's 1954 built liner CRISTOFORO COLOMBO was photographed by the late Dick Parsons

    In 60s.Ansaldo S.Ponente built 1954- Bu Kaohsiung 1983 Sadly day of a great era.....
  11. Cristoforo Colombo

    Taken from a postcard
  12. Cristoforo Colombo

    taken from Company brochure
  13. Cristoforo Colombo

    Cristoforo Colombo Built 1954 for the Italia Soc. Per Azioni de Nav. 27090 grt 680 X 88 feet with a draft of 33.4 feet Speed 23 knots, twin screw turbine Sold & renamed Great Seas Sister to the Andrea Doria, but the Cristiforo Colombo had a water tight door that her sister reportedly...
  14. Cristoforo Colombo

    Italian Line's Cristoforo Colombo in Genoa harbour, late 50'ies. Built 1954, 29,191grt. In 77, accommodation ship, in 81 scrapped.
  15. Cristoforo Colombo - Marh 9,1954 - (1)

    Cantieri Navali Ansaldo - Genova
1-20 of 38 Results