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  1. Shell tanker Haustrum.

    Crossing the line for apprentices, 1966.
  2. Cadets crossing the line

    Cadets on British India cadetship Chindwara around 1957
  3. The Padre

    Believe it or not this is a cadet on Chindwara dressed up for crossing the line ceremony in 1956.
  4. Crossing the line tug style.

    No finesse. Just a bucket of gunge for the first timers.

    Crossing the line on Ripon Grange Ex Oratava, Billy the junior eng being sorted by Neptune
  6. 1964 Crossing the Line

    mv British Resource, Indian Ocean, 1964. Eng Cadet, Michael Friend on the table, 3rd Eng John Cameron on the left, Chief Steward, Arthur Whitford watching from the pool, R/O on edge of pool.
  7. Crossing the Line certificate.

    My certificate, 1964. Indian Ocean.
  8. crossing the line

    crossed at 170 west on Hmas Hobart 1974
  9. Crossing the line

    Sam Clegg, on the Beechbank, in the good old days???
  10. Crossing the Line

    We are Marrying off the Peggy to a AB. Bosun is best man, dresses were made out of sheets,wigs were made out of rope,and hats were made out of brown paper. Preacher is also an AB. Lots of fun on a tramp.
  11. Crossing the Line

    Mock Wedding of our Peggy to one of the ABs. Dress was made of sheets,the wig was made out of rope and bleached Bosun on right is bestman.
  12. Crossing the line certificate

    This is my crossing the line certificate. It says that I crossed the line on Sixteenth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven.
  13. In the Pool

    Everyone goes for a dook, before retiring to the bar, then a BBQ, before blowing up the Bar stereo by connecting 8 speakers to it, and turning the volume right up. We resorted to using the PA system for the music shortly after..
  14. Oo Err, this aint right..

    Munching on the Chief Cooks unsavoury bits...
1-20 of 23 Results