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  1. Homeric

    Home Lines Homeric is seen at her New York pier in early, 1964. She was about to undertake her first sailing as a full time cruise ship for the company. Notice the addition of the two large passenger launches placed on her foredeck. She doesn’t have davits for hoisting these large and...
  2. Carmania

    The former Saxonia was renamed Carmania in 1962, and she underwent a major refit to make her more suitable as a full time cruise ship. This included the complete removal of all of after cargo hatches, and handling gear. A swimming pool, and a horseshoe shaped lido deck were added in their...
  3. MV Europa at Akaroa New Zealand in 2013

    The delightful MV Europa is seen manoeuvring in Akaroa from the decks of the ms Oosterdam whilst I was on another cruise.
  4. ms Volendam at anchor in Eden NSW November 2010

    Taken whilst on a New Zealand, Tasmania and Eden cruise on this fine ship, which is the perfect size at 61,214 GRT and just 1,432 guests.
  5. Europa

    Europa Location: Seychelles islands Europa completed 1999 by Kvaerner Masa Yards, Helsinki Yard 28.710GRT 408 passengers luxury class 2 MAN BW diesel, 2 Azipod propellers, 21kn
  6. Europa

    Europa docked at Hamburg, Blohm & Voss 2008
  7. Mauretania

    This color view of the second Mauretania, showing her in her cruising colors of two-tone green, was taken during her final departure from Southampton on November 20, 1965. She remained a beautiful ship right up to the end.
  8. Mauretania

    Still sporting her black hull, the Mauretania is seen in 1931, during one of her early Depression era cruises. The caption on the back says the picture was taken in Havana, Cuba.
  9. Oriana

    P&O's popular and speedy Oriana is seen entering the locks of Panama Canal. I'm not sure of the timeframe in which this picture was taken.
  10. Mauretania

    The Mauretania is seen entering the locks of the Panama Canal in the late 1950's
  11. Hanseatic

    Habseatic on sea
  12. United States

    United states leaving New York
  13. France

    France arriving New york
  14. Mauretania

    A fine broadside view of the former record breaker sporting a white hull for cruises to the West Indies, during the Great Depression. Taken in January 1934, her days were clearly numbered by this time.
  15. Mauretania

    Painted in her first coat of cruising white, the Mauretania is seen docked in Southampton in April, 1933.
  16. Mauretania

    Mauretania is seen leaving New York as a cruise ship to the West Indies. The picture was taken after March, 1933, and the Great Depression was being felt at it's worst.
  17. Mauretania

    The Mauretania is seen in 1933 with a fresh new coat of white paint applied to her hull. From this time forward, she would be based in New York, and serve as a full time cruise ship sailing to the West Indies during the height of the Great Depression. She would only make occasional sailings on...
  18. Mauretania at Nassau

    The famous record breaker Mauretania is seen steaming past Fort Charlotte, at Nassau, during her first cruise to the Bahamas, in early 1930. The Cunarder was dressed overall to mark the occasion.
  19. Prinsendam

    Departure from Tilbury with the assistance of Svitzer Mercia at the stern
1-20 of 35 Results