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  1. Super Star Aquarius

    Super Star Aquarius

    Taken during a Star Ferry crossing.
  2. Sovereign of the Seas

    Sovereign of the Seas

  3. Cruise Terminal

    Cruise Terminal

    Princes Wharf Overseas Passenger Ship Terminal now houses the Hilton Hotel, apartments, retail outlets, restaurants and bars, and the main Cruiseship terminal, Downtown, Auckland, NZ
  4. Oceana


    13-05-2007 Oceana was following Queen Elizabeth 2 out of Southampton.
  5. Saga Ruby

    Saga Ruby

    The Saga Ruby leaving Southampton on the evening of 17/10/08.
  6. Achille Lauro entering Mauritius 1986

    Achille Lauro entering Mauritius 1986

    I did a cruise on the Achille Lauro to Mauritius in 1986, this is the view of us entering the harbour from the tennis courts on board the ship.
  7. Seven Seas Mariner

    Seven Seas Mariner

    Panama Canal - April 2006
  8. Happy Passengers

    Happy Passengers

    On a cruise in the Pacific at Suva 1978