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  1. HMS Blake C99

    Photo purchased on board during Blake's port visit to Esquimalt, BC, Canada late 1970's
  2. HMS Blake

    Photo purchased on board during Blake's port visit to Esquimalt, BC, Canada late 1970's
  3. Cruiser

    On the slipway at the Ardmaleish yard on Bute. Cruiser is a charter cruise vessel owned by Clyde Marine Services and is based at Greenock. Built 1974 for the Gosport Ferry Company. The CalMac ferry Loch Tarbert is behind her on the other slipway.
  4. Lion

  5. Arcona

    The ship was laid down at AG Weser in Bremen in 1901, launched on 22 April 1902 and commissioned on 12 May 1903. It was one of eight ships of the Gazelle class built between 1897 and 1904. This class underwent continuous improvement during construction, so that each ship differed somewhat from...
  6. HMS Blake

    The cruiser Blake, but no idea where or when - any ideas?
  7. Berwick

    Posed interior photo of HMS Berwick (Kent Class Cruiser) in one of the four twin 8 inch turrets that she carried.
  8. Argonaut

    HMS Argonaut photographed 1943 after her repairs at Philadelphia as a result of damge inflicted by the Italian submarine Mocenigo which torpedoed Aroganaut badly damaging both bow and stern. Class and type: Dido-class light cruiser Name: HMS Argonaut Builder: Cammell Laird Shipyard...
  9. Argonaut

    The damaged stern as a result of being torpedoed by Mocenigo On the December 13th Argonaut joined HMS Aurora, HMS Eskimo and HMS Quality and left Bone to intercept another Axis convoy however delays in setting sail meant they missed the convoy. On December 14th 1942 HMS Argonaut was hit by...
  10. Tiger

    Photographed at Portsmouth on 22 September 1986 , with the tug Smit Lloyd 25 alongside. The tug had arrived at Portsmouth to take Tiger to her final resting place, the Spanish shipbreakers Desquaces Valera. The tow was to being the next day, which was a dull and misty day. Sorry for the...
  11. Blake

    Photographed in Chatham Dockyard on 28 May 1979, on Navy Day See also Text for HMS Blake from Souvenir Booklet for the 1979 Navy Day (27 + 28 May 1979) Laid down in 1942 at the height of World War II, HMS...
  12. Tiger

    Photograph undated but suspect it was taken 1959-1960 when Tiger was in the Mediterranean on her first commission. Tiger started out as Bellerophon laid down in 1941 at the John Brown Shipyard as part of the Minotaur class of light cruisers. They had a low construction priority due to more...
  13. TIGER

    Photographed 11 June 1982, laid up in Portsmouth Harbour
  14. TIGER

    Photographed 11 June 1982, laid up in Portsmouth Harbour
  15. BLAKE

    Photographed at Chatham on 28 May 1978 on one of the weekend Navy Days they used to hold. _________________________________________________________________________ HMS Blake (C99) was a cruiser of the Tiger class of the Royal Navy, the last of the Royal Navy cruisers. She was named after...

    HMS Mauritius on convoy escort duty, in July 1942
  17. HMS Belfast

    HMS Belfast. The business end. Taken in London in August 2008.
  18. Soviet cruiser "Sverdlov" 1975

    In 1975 HMS Bacchante was called North to shadow the Soviet cruiser Sverdlov. This was a massively impressive looking ship, 4 triple turrets, very good looking
  19. USS Truxtun 1993/1994

    I think this is the USS Truxtun. Can someone provide a positive id? Photo taken from Fort Island as she was departing Port Philip Bay. As a scout group we were camped on the island and had arranged to exchange signals with her as she left
  20. Cruiser

    Cruiser on Sydney Harbour 01/03/07
1-20 of 25 Results