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  1. Cruising - The 'Myths'

    Can't wait to find out what they are, as only have this picture with no text. Over to you, the Crew's ERs.
  2. Queen Mary 2 with Lapdog MV Athena

    Big and Small Freemantle March 2010
  3. Ngataki

    The boat on the right is Ngataki designed and build by John Wray from Aucland New Zealand who cruised around in the Pacific for many years. (1930's) His book "Vagabonds of the South Sea" became a classic and inspired many of us I think. It set mê of to go sailing anyway. Here Ngataki is...
  4. Cruise Ship

    Cruise ship Seven seas Voyager at Invergordon
  5. Orcades passengers sunbathing.

    Orcades alongside Lisbon on Medi cruising 1971 'A' Deck Aft .
1-5 of 5 Results