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    USA 1960's Jorgen Lonn negative Built for Sugar Line
  2. Crystal Jewel

    Another photo of the Crystal Jewel in King George Dock, Calcutta. In the foreground are Woodburn and Marine Fortune which, being an elderly Empire type, her officers named Marine Misfortune. The steam tug at bottom right is towing from an interesting position.
  3. Crystal Jewel

    The "Crystal Jewel" in Calcutta Docks. Own ship was "Woodburn" and alongside us is "Marine Fortune", formerly Stag Line's "Linaria" and Esk Shipping's "Eskglen".
  4. Meeching and Crystal Jewel

    Newhaven tugs Meeching Tidworth alongside Crystal Jewel.
  5. Crystal Jewel

    Dramatically showing the damage to Crystal Jewel after her collision with British Aviator.
  6. Crystal Jewel

    Re daveinnola's photo, here is the "Crystal Jewel" after rebuilding following the collision. She is at Calcutta in 1964 with sulphur. As far as cargoes go neither crystal nor jewel.
  7. Crystal Jewel

1-7 of 7 Results