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  1. Forward Sea Wolf launcher on HMS ***berland

    Photographed on 31 July 2010 at Portsmouth on one of the Navy Days The GWS-25 form of the Sea Wolf missile system, was first deployed on the Type 22 frigate (2 systems) and later on modified Leander class frigates (1 system) in six-round, manually loaded, trainable launchers.
  2. ***BERLAND

    Lyttelton,NZ Own collection negative
  3. ***berland

    ***BERLAND 1948 11281 tgr Federal
  4. ***berland

    ***BERLAND 1948 11281 tgr Federal -P and O at 44 Quay Tilbury
  5. ***berland

    Another view of ***berland with the P and O funnel. This photo was taken by well known kiwi ship photographer Vic Young as we were coming out of Wellington in Jan 1974.
  6. ***berland

    Here is another 'H' boat, the "***berland" in Lyttelton, 1961.
1-6 of 6 Results