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  1. Queen Elizabeth 2

    I only recently discovered this photo of the Queen Elizabeth 2. It was taken by my late partner as we were departing Southampton on board the Stefan Batory. The Queen Elizabeth 2 had suffered a boiler room (?) fire the previous day at the beginning of her voyage to New York. Sorry for the colour...
  2. Saga Rose

    Saga Rose at anchor off Jamestown St. Helena during her 2004 World Cruise.
  3. Berengaria

    Cunard’s Berengaria makes a Southampton arrival in September 1934. The aging liner would retain her speed throughout the remainder of her life, making regular 24.5 knot crossings of the Atlantic, something that would be very important when she was running a two ship service with the new Queen...
  4. Ivernia

    Cunard’s second Ivernia is seen tied up to her dock in Liverpool in 1955. The new and very modern looking ship contrasts sharply with the Victorian era appearance of the old port of Liverpool.
  5. Ivernia

    Cunard’s first Ivernia is seen, newly completed, and resting on the River Tyne at her builder’s yard of Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson in 1900. She was the second of three ships Cunard would ultimately build of this design. The first of the group was the Saxonia, also in 1900, and in 1903...
  6. Vistafjord

    Vistafjord, in Cunard colours, departing Southampton.
  7. Fair Princess

    Sailing from Mazatlan on 24 March 1992, photographed from on board Enchanted Isle.
  8. Dawn Princess

    Originally Cunard Line's Sylvania and then Sitmar Line's Fairwind. At anchor off Monaco during her first months under P&O ownership, after they had absorbed (obliterated) Sitmar and rebranded the ships under the Princess Cruises banner.
  9. Caronia

    Alongside at Barbados during a Christmas cruise.
  10. Fair Princess

    Fair Princess at Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea during an amazing cruise that took us to Vanuatu, the Solomon Is and several places in Papua New Guinea.
  11. Majestic & Mauretania

    This picture was taken in 1922, shortly after Majestic's entry into service. Originally a photo from the New York Herald Tribune, the photographer apparently thought it a novelty to capture both the largest and fastest ships in the world in the same shot.
  12. Rex and Aquitania

    The Italian Liner Rex is shown coming back down the Hudson River after turning around upstream in preparation for her docking on September 16, 1939. The picture was taken from the second class promenade deck of the Aquitania, which had just arrived about an hour earlier. One has got to wonder...

    Dust jacket of soon to be released book CUNARD LINE - A Fleet History by Peter Newall. The painting of QUEEN ELIZABETH was completed last but it has taken the author much longer to produce the text. Due out at Christmas
  14. Aquitania departs Wellington 1941.

    Aquitania, fresh in her newly applied gray paint, departed Wellington with 5000 NZ troops onboard, on September 15, 1941.
  15. Aquitania as a Troopship at Wellington, NZ.

    Aquitania is seen docked at Wellington, and is finally receiving her first full coat of troopship grey paint. The photo was taken in the summer of 1941.
  16. Cunard Line

    An evocative advertisement from the 1950's depicting 1st Class passengers enjoying a meal on board in the exclusive Grill Room during an Atlantic crossing
1-20 of 21 Results