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  1. Queen Elizabeth

    This is my final color view of the ship taken as she left New York on her last voyage from the city. It’s one of the better of these views because you actually get to see some of the pay-off pennant flying from her after mast. In other views, it tends to blend in with the darkening sky seen above.
  2. Queen Elizabeth

    Stephen’s fine views of the QE prompted me to dig out a few of my own for posting on SN. This image is a maiden voyage arrival shot of the liner, showing the white masts that would be a short-lived feature on this beautiful ship.
  3. Queen Elizabeth

    This is a colorization job of a well-known black and white image of the QE. The artist who did the digital work is unknown but they appear to have done a very good job. This could easily be mistaken for a color shot.
  4. Queen Elizabeth

    A view from the air of the Queen Elizabeth taken soon after her reconditioning on the Clyde following WW2. The white foremast helps to date the image, and I guess it’s possible the picture was taken as she was leaving the Clyde to run her official sea trials off the Ile of Arran. If that’s the...
1-4 of 4 Results