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  1. Scythia


    Fine color view of the old Scythia taken in the port of Liverpool in 1957, as the ship was nearing the end of her long career.
  2. Aquitania


    In this view from 90 years ago, Aquitania is seen in July, 1930 dropping off the pilot while in the Narrows between Brooklyn, and Staten Island. The shot was taken by Percy Loomis Sperr, and it is one of the sharpest images of his I’ve ever seen. Anyone who’s dealt with his images knows there are
  3. Carpathia


    Carpathia is seen sinking on 17 July, 1918, in this painting by an unknown artist. I think the image may have been a color plate in an old book from the early 20’s such as Archibald Hurd’s, A Merchant Fleet at War, or in one of the many editions of “The Wonder Book of Ships” from the late twenties
  4. Carpathia


    The ten-year-old Carpathia is seen in the Erie Basin Dry Dock at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on 19 December, 1913. A little over a year and a half since her rescue of passengers and crew from the lifeboats of RMS Titanic. The ship was never unpopular, but the part she played in the famous event actuall
  5. QE2 departing Stavanger

    QE2 departing Stavanger

    QE2 was a frequent visitor for many years from the eighties until she was retired. We miss her!
  6. Aquitania


    Aquitania enters the newly reopened Pier 54 in July, 1933. Although it’s July, and some of the men can be seen in short sleeves, there are also some who are wearing coats. These were everyday types of people who came down to Pier 52 to get a view of the return to full use of Pier 54. People in ge
  7. Aquitania


    Aquitania arrives in New York Harbor in July, 1933. The ship has been dressed overall to celebrate the reopening of the Companies Pier 54, which had burned down the year before. She will be the first ship to dock there since the pier’s reopening. Notice that there are a least two swimmers in the
  8. Pier 54, 6 May, 1932

    Pier 54, 6 May, 1932

    I know I’ve posted this view of a New York harbor pier under the Passenger Liners sub group, but I’d like to keep it here as these first three photographs are all directly linked together. This view shows Cunard’s Pier 54 burning on 6 May, 1932. The cause of the fire was never determined but it ma
  9. Carmania


    Carmania 15 inch model
  10. Aquitania


    Aquitania’s appearances in New York were few and far between following the end of World War 2, in 1945. Ship enthusiast and photographer, John Blake seems to have made it a point to get a picture of the liner whenever possible. He took this color view during the liners last departure from the city
  11. Aquitania


    This is another shot of Aquitania taken from the air over the Woolloomooloo Docks in December, 1945. This time the ships are seen from the front. The aircraft carrier HMS Implacable is seen on the left, Aquitania is in the center, and a large battleship can be seen on the far right in the backgrou
  12. Aquitania


    Aquitania is shown as originally designed during her New York arrival on her maiden voyage. World War 1 would break out just two months later, and her appearance would be changed by the end of 1915, when the new upper bridge was added. This picture comes from an original Edwin Levick glass plate n
  13. QM & QE

    QM & QE

    Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth are seen together in a rare shot in early September, 1941 while both liners taking part in Convoy US 12A. The two are seen under escort, heading to a rendezvous point with the Australian cruiser Canberra. This picture was taken from the stern of the HMAS Sydney (D48)
  14. QE and Normandie

    QE and Normandie

    Queen Elizabeth and Normandie are seen docked side-by-side in New York at piers 91, and 88 respectively. Based on an earlier color view, the Normandie already appears to have her white superstructure painted grey, so I would assume the work would have taken place after the fall of France on 10 May,
  15. Aquitania


    SN member alan.gamblin noted in this photograph: that he saw the distinctive coning tower of an Illustrious aircraft carrier in the next berth over from Aquitania. The above picture is an aerial view of th
  16. Aquitania


    Aquitania sits at anchor at Cape town, Africa in April, 1940. The ship is taking fuel oil back onboard, after she’d had it removed the day before, so the ship could be lightened to back herself off of a mud bank she gotten stuck on 2 days before. The incident delayed her departure from Cape town b
  17. HMT Carmania

    HMT Carmania

    Rare view of HMT Carmania, photographed at Halifax, Nova Scotia in her dazzle paint, during her trooping duties in the winter of 1917. After defeating the German liner Cap Trafalgar off Trinidad as an AMC in 1914, the ship underwent a period of repair at Gibraltar before returning to patrol duties
  18. Lusitania


    Lusitania is seen at the tail of the bank in the firth of Clyde on 27 June, 1907, taking on coal to begin her trial runs for her builders, John Brown and Company. The company didn’t want to leave anything to chance, before she began her official trials for Cunard the following month. Vibration wou


    Queens Grill Lounge aboard the aptly-dubbed 'MRS. BROWN'.
  20. QUEEN MARY 2


    After disembarking from QUEEN MARY 2 at Southampton on the morning of April 28th, I was able to photograph her that afternoon while outbound aboard QUEEN VICTORIA.