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  1. Ship Research
    Hi I am trying to research my 32ft ex navy wood clinker cutter, I think she may have been aboard HMS Whitehall, how can I prove this, I know she came off an ex navy ship when being broke up at Barrow in Furness Docks by Thos Ward Shipbreakers after WW2, I have found a date on the stern, carved...
  2. SM18 LORBAS

    Maidenvoyage!!! of my 2001 built 19m-Esbjerg cutter LORBAS.
  3. HMC Seeker

    HMC Seeker at North Quay, Heysham
  4. Maria Christina (2)

    The Portuguese m/v MARIA CRISTINA (2), 55,86m/549,86gt/11 knots; 02/01/1957 completed by CUF- Companhia União Fabril, Lisbon, for Sociedade Geral de Comércio, Indústria e Transportes, Lisbon; 196_ rebuilt and gt increased to 768,59tons; 02/01/1970 LANDES, Frenave – Agencia Maritima de...
  5. Pesquera III,

    Artist Nicasio Diaz Llanos aquarel of the loss of Pesquera III
  6. Cutter for Cuba 1970

    The text says that the vessels, built in Rosslau, were made ready at Neptun werft in Rostock. Did they then sail by own power or were shipped from Hamburg?
  7. Pescera III, Argentina

    Built in GDR 1970. On April 29. 1980 stranded in af storm on the beach of Quequen near the harbour of Necochea, Argentina
  8. Cuba trawlers in Tórshavn

    In 1973 nine trawlers were bought from Cuba to Faeroes. Seven of them seen on this picture after the arrival. They were built as 'Serie Havanna' at Rosslau, GDR, originally called Cutter, followed by a number. The text following the picture says, that they were bougt by the faeroese company...
  9. Cuban Cutter

    As I preliminary understand the spanish text, the wreck is found on an Argentinian shore. More later.
1-9 of 9 Results