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  1. Cydonia

    CYDONIA 1955 6231 tgr Stag Line Blt Redhead/S.Shields 69-VERMONT 1 72-RENAISSANCE 73-SOVEREIGN EDITH 75-JOY fire & explosion27.55N/88-26W 8-6-77 Original drawing.

    Cydonia approaching the coal berth in Montreal
  3. Cydonia

    This image looks familiar so my apologies if it has been posted before. She is Stag Line's "Cydonia", one of a series of ships built by Readheads for Stag Line, Hudson SS Company and France Fenwick which were the biggest raised quarterdeck ships afloat. Completed in 1955 "Cydonia" lasted with...
1-3 of 3 Results