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    Old postcard. The card says CYMRIC and ARABIC. definitely not ARABIC, 1 funnel, four masts, looks more like OCEANIC, two funnels, three masts. CYMRIC matches a photo posted on SN a few days ago. Still now which is which because there are significant differences between the ships in the photos
  2. Cymric.Hamburg. 1972/73

    Cymric night out at the Zillertal in Hamburg.George 2nd eng.Mick Butson & wife on way home to NZ. Colin Harper Jun eng,Mike Thomson (Porky) Jun eng.Terry Rylance,Fridge,Norman Best (Trunch) Fridge,Ginger John 4th eng, Jonsey Jun eng &Willie Jun eng. Free drink if they can't play your...

  4. Cymric

    Shot taken on: 25/04/56 Shot taken by: Rex Cox and posted with his permisson. Seen here berthed at Port Huon south of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia most likley loading Fruit. Updated on: 17/04/08 corrected name
  5. Cymric - Oceanic - Cedric

    Cymric, franked 8.30 pm Oct. 17 1904 Oceanic, franked 8.45 pm July 20 1904 Cedric, franked 1.15 pm Oct. 30 1904 Cards look a bit the worse for wear, hope I look as good at 102+ !!
  6. Cymric

    The Cymric arriving in the Tyne.
1-6 of 6 Results