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  1. Limassol Oct 2016

    Limassol marina, full of private yachts, mostly Russian
  2. Evagoras

    Marine Police Patrol craft - Pathos
  3. Maersk Raleigh

    Taken off Limassol 11February 2019
  4. Messapia

    Cannot read name on full resolution photo. Per slide: Sister ship of Stelvio, Limassol, Cyprus.
  5. Sailing cargo ship

    Limassol - sailing cargo ship.
  6. Sailing cargo ships

    Limassol - sailing cargo ships.
  7. Limassol, Cyprus

    Limassol, Cyprus, in the morning, taken from the Stelvio.
  8. Limassol, Cyprus

    Ships standing in the bay off Limassol in the early 1960's, (@ 1960/1961) including the Swedish cargo vessel Timmerland, Cie Francaise de Navigation passenger ship Phocee and an unknown vessel of Lykes Lines
  9. Limassol, Cyprus

    Notos in front, Pontos behind. MSC Ingrid leaving Limassol in the background. Tug not known, but might be Drinias.
  10. Kyrenia, Cyprus

    View from the harbour looking toward the Kyrenia Mountains and St Hilarion Castle with the Dome Hotel in the foreground - from a postcard purchased in the town in 1960
  11. Cyprus casualty

    Unknown vessel that ran aground one night in April 1973 close to Cape Andreas on the Karpas Peninsula, Cyprus (the 'panhandle'). Having managed without a name for her these past 39 years I don't really need one now - which is why I didn't submit the pic under that heading. Came across it while...
  12. Alsterdiep

    Alsterdiep Callsign: 5BKK2 Flag: Cyprus IMO Number: 9472000 MMSI Number: 212136000 Length: 80.0m Beam: 16.0m Seen off Portugal on 14-11-2009
1-12 of 12 Results