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  1. Daniel


    A three-masted wooden barque, built in 1894 by E. Gundersen, Skuggevik, Tvedestrand, Norway. (127.1 x 31.1 x 12.0 ft) (361 BRT / 317 NRT) July 1894 : Launched for C. Wroldsen, Tvedestrand, Norway. 1907 : Sold to Union Box and Packing Case Co. Ltd., Sydney. Hulked in 1920 MOre info would be app


    Ain't (s)he's a beauty? 1979 Lindenau,Kiel/176 - imo7802122 CS:3FUP8 / current flag: Panama L*B= 146.42*19.60m; GT: 8547; TDW: 11.121ts; 515 TEU; MaK 9M-551-AK, 4415 kW, 16 kn; FOSSUM-82, KS Fossum AS; Lovenskiold; Sudan Crown-83; Fossum-85; Aries-98, Tor Team KS, Narvik, Nis; Daniel-dto, C
  3. Daniel


    Daniel -Belfast Early 1980s
  4. Dry.....


    Daniel McAllister in Montreal on the old Lachine Canal emptied for clean-up I guess.
  5. Daniel McAllister

    Daniel McAllister

    Bow view, May 2nd 2006 in Montreal's Old-Port. She sits on a cradle between locks 1 and 2 in the old Lachine Canal. They lowered the water level for unknown reasons. As can be seen, she at least will never sink sitting in that cradle. She is owned by the Old Port authorities and will hopefully be re
  6. Daniel McAllister

    Daniel McAllister

    One of the oldest tugboats in Canada (1907), the Daniel McAllister is also an eloquent testament to the Old Port's commercial history. Now anchored in the basin between Locks 1 and 2 in Montreal Canada's Old-Port, this well-known workhorse served for many years first on the Atlantic coast and then o