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  1. Looking for Old Shipmates
    I’m looking for anyone who knew my dad, Peter Kaye (also known as Pedro). He was chief engineer on a dredger Bow Herald which I believe became Sand Kestrel. He worked for RMC, East Coast Aggregates and South Coast Shipping. He was a little bloke with black hair and a moustache. He would have...

    still visible but not a float(CAPTAYANNIS)
  3. Nordstjernen at Westcon Yard

    A scene from Ølensvåg, Norway showing a variety of vessels. From left: supply ship NJORD VIKING, yard tender BOB, oil rig SCARABEO 8, former hurtigruten ship NORDSTJERNEN in drydock and finally the local ferry VIKINGEN
  4. Danish Trawlers

    View from work this morning in Lerwick with Danish trawlers Anne-Mei, Sebastian and Gitte Torben alongside. 23 Sept 2011
  5. Anne-Mei

    Danish trawler Anne-Mei in Lerwick this morning 23 Sept 2011
  6. Jens Maersk b 1957

    Jens Maersk b 1957
  7. Ex Victoria May - sideshot

    Here's a side shot of ex Victoria May undergoing a rebuilding in Thyborøn.
  8. HG 70 Mianda

    HG 70 Mianda returning to Hirtshals spring 1982 full loaded with sprats from the Baltic
  9. R 15 K Traal

    Norwegian industrial trawler in Esbjerg 24.10.2007
  10. E 595 Simone Christina

    Industrial trawler Simone Christina taking ice before departure. Esbjerg 24.10.2007
  11. E 400 Allesøe

    This E 400 Allesøe in Esbjerg this afternoon with a good load. Probably sprats
  12. E 349 Cattleya

    This is Esbjerg based pelagic trawler / purse seiner unloading mackerel in Hirtshals late afternoon the 16.10.2007. The fish are unloaded to trucks for further transport to the large company Sæby Fiskeindustri.
  13. L 432 Marie Steen

    This is Thyborøn based schrimp beamer leaving Hvide Sande late afternoon the 19.10.2007. She's one of the last old beamers. Built in Germany 1970. The coastal schrimp fishing with beamers like this takes place along the coastline from north of Hvide Sande and south.
  14. FN 374 Dorthe Dalsø

    This is twinrig prawntrawler FN 374 "Dorthe Dalsø" being painted in Skagen 10.10.2007
  15. HG 267 "Strømegg"

    This is newbuilding HG 267 Strømegg of Hirtshals. A new pelagic vessel soon ready to be delivered from Karstensen Shipyard in Skagen
  16. S 10 "Christina"

    Stability test on Skagen gillnetter S 10 "Christina" in Strandby after a rebuilding 20070921
  17. FN426 Kjølpen

    Danish trawler getting a quick lick o paint.
  18. L 34 "Anna Madsen"

    Danish anchor seiner "Anna Madsen" in homeport Thyborøn 2007.04.26
  19. Slipway Hvide Sande

    Wooden vessels on the slip in Hvide Sande (DK) summer 1998...a sight not to be seen again.
1-20 of 24 Results