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  1. Dartmouth to Kingswear Lower Ferry

    Dartmouth to Kingswear Lower Ferry viewed from the river Dart.
  2. Dartmouth - Britannia Royal Naval College

    A view of Dartmouth Royal Naval College from the River Dart.
  3. NAV, M.V. Flintlock-(6122473)-(R.F.A.)-Fort Augustus Locks Caledonian Canal

    The Miramar Ship Index gives this vessel, IMO Number: 6122473. -? I have only been able to gather a rather limited amount of information concerning this vessel, but what I have learned is detailed below:- Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Naval Armament Vessel, Motor Vessel Flintlock, ordered by The Admiralt
  4. Learning the ropes

    Cadets under training in the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth in the early 1930,s. The College had accommodation for 400 cadets and was under the command of a captain and commander with a headmaster solely in charge of educational work.
  5. Kingswear Castle, Dartmouth

    Looking aft on the Kingswear Castle. I love all the timber work. Below the open hatch is the steam engine that still looks like new even though it is around 100 years old. She is the only working coal fired paddle steamer left in Britain we were told.
  6. Kingswear Castle, Dartmouth

    Looking over the bow of Kingswear Castle heading out of the River Dart into the open sea. Note the Devon flag being proudly flown.
  7. Kingswear Castle, Dartmouth

    Kingswear Castle on the River Dart. A trip on this lovely old paddle steamer was my birthday treat!
  8. Unknown ships

    Unknown ships Dartmouth 1959
  9. Theodore Too

    Cute little tug in Halifax Harbor made famous through books and TV series. In the background, one of the Woodside ferries to Dartmouth.
  10. Yachties view of Dartmouth

    Dartmouth from a marina pontoon at sunset, Saturday 5th May 2007.
  11. Dartmouth

    Dartmouth just after sunset from the Kingswear side of the river looking across the marina. Saturday 5th May 2007
1-11 of 12 Results