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    Cruise liner DE GRASSE at the bay of Tórshavn, Faroe Island July 28 - 1933
  2. Luxury Liner Row

    Ocean liners fill New York's Piers in this view from February, 1939. This picture was taken shortly after this shot that is looking upriver: ( In this particular image, you can...
  3. New York Harbor, February, 1939

    European passenger liners jam New York's water front in February, 1939. Four of the five largest would be lost within the next five years.
  4. FS De Grasse

    Leaving Portsmouth June 27th 2006
  5. FS De Grasse

    A superb looking De Grasse leaving Portsmouth Harbour to join exercise FRUKUS on 27th June, 2006.
  6. FS De Grasse

    FS De Grasse entering Portsmouth Harbour at 1115 hrs on 23rd June, 2006.
  7. De Grasse 72

    De Grasse, 1955/18,739 GRT, ex Bergensfjord- Funchal (Madeira) -march 1972
1-7 of 7 Results