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  1. m/t "ZALIV AMERIKA"


    Pacific ocean.
  2. m/t "ZALIV AMERIKA"


    Pacific. Second voyage. Honolulu - Korea.
  3. m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    m/t "ZALIV VOSTOK"

    Piraes. Greece. Deck team hold rope from bunker barge.
  4. m/t "Governor Farkhutdinov"

    m/t "Governor Farkhutdinov"

    Cargo deck
  5. 64 Gun Tall Ship "Moscow"

    64 Gun Tall Ship "Moscow"

    Detailed Model Ship Of 64 Guns "Moscow" scale: 1:72
  6. Winter Star

    Winter Star

    I do not remember the name of this tug, she was discharged first.
  7. Winter Star

    Winter Star

    Tug Lucy D sailed with us from USA to Dubai together with another tug and barge
  8. Winter Star

    Winter Star

    Winter Star had few heavy lifts on deck from USA to Dubai. Picture taken on 09-09-1993 during discharging operations
  9. Balclutha, deck

    Balclutha, deck

    Deck of Frisco museum ship Balclutha, looking aft. Looking to the right, inside the shrouds/backstays, one may note that there is no buntlines, downhauls etc and then say: fine, there's hardly a museum ship with a full set of running gear. But then you notice: there's nowhere any pinrail or...
  10. Bulk-carrier deck

    Bulk-carrier deck

    Foredeck of a 25000t bulk carrier probably built by Kockums. Photo is meant to show off the fog horns called "Supertyphoons", which are said to be very effective. (Better carry earplugs when on lookout?) Maybe it's just the horns that are made by Kockums. Photo taken 62 or earlier
  11. Moore-McCormack deck

    Moore-McCormack deck

    Foredeck of a Moore-McCormack ship. 1960 or earlier. Time out for a discussion of tactics at starboard. The caption says she's getting underway. Nobody on the forecastle, lookout leaving early for a *** and coffee before takeover at the wheel. Could she, in spite of that, be making ready to...
  12. Vinke deck

    Vinke deck

    Foredeck of a ship from Vinke and Co. Perhaps the Hilversum? Photo taken 1960 or earlier. What sort of hatch cover is that in front? Is it a full breadth iron "lid"? I've had those, we called them "pontoons". But I don't get those uniform rows of "dots" across it. Can't be the canvas cover we...
  13. Cape Race #2

    Cape Race #2

    Who'd be a deckie in this? :-) SSM's Cape Race. Again photo courtesy Jim Gray