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  1. London Team Chinese New Year

    Cabaret at Chinese New Year on London Team February 1982. Malcolm?, 3/E and myself (Andy McArthur) jamming!
  2. MV Bibi

    MV Bibi view through the derricks at Barcelona October 1972
  3. Suecia Team

    Suecia Team on voyage from Dumai to Anacortes December 1979
  4. Suecia Team

    Me and Suecia Team at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard November 1979
  5. Suecia Team

    Suecia Team drydock Ulsan 79 2
  6. Suecia Team

    Suecia Team drydock Ulsan Dec 79
  7. Suecia Team

    Suecia Team loading bunkers at Seattle early 1980.
  8. Burmah Pearl

    Burmah Pearl at anchor in the Mississipi near New Orleans 1979 en route to St James.
1-8 of 8 Results