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  1. Ship Research
    A few photographs of the bridge and radio room. The lifeboat one was taken at the Amazon anchorage
  2. Broompark  (III)

    Broompark (III)

    A nice image of the classic, very attractive looking 1959 built 'BROOMPARK' in ice on the St. Lawrence in April 1960, recently picked up on ebay. Print seemed to be a Press photo and there was also a good Kodachrome transparency, but missed out. A very local built ship - by Charles Connell for Den
  3. Boys in a Boat

    Boys in a Boat

    "Lifeboat drill" in Baja California from Scotstoun. Big Jim Nichol at the helm.
  4. "Marylander"


    formerly "Mary Anderson" - managed by Denholm IOM, chartered to Jebsen's.
  5. Loch Lomond, Golfito 1979

    Loch Lomond, Golfito 1979

    Loch Lomond, Golfito 1979. Denholm managed reefer loading bananas
  6. Ga Chau ex Wellpark

    Ga Chau ex Wellpark

    Denholm's Ga Chau (reg Hong Kong) ex Wellpark, built 1977, 18,622 GRT. Denholm's ex cadet training ship
  7. Broompark


    Denholm Line b.1982, 18,190 GRT
  8. Vancouver Forest

    Vancouver Forest

    Denholm managed 'Vancouver Forest' built 1969 in ice.
  9. GTV Euroliner

    GTV Euroliner

    More gas !
  10. Chemical Explorer

    Chemical Explorer

    One of a pair of parcel chemical tankers Denholm managed for Anglo-Nordic/Eurochem Shipping, the other being 'Chemical Venturer'. Dtls to follow