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  1. Broompark Crew

    Engineers and others from the Broompark-1961
  2. Archie Dowling(Electrician) and unknown

    My father Archie Dowling and another crew member off the same ship,no doubt Denholms men will name him.Don't know ships name or port.
  3. troll river crew 1978

    m.kelly from perth,g.dowling from dunbar,no name for the deck boy.
  4. troll river crew kobe 1977

    kobe same bar just one addition,no names to these faces,apart from my own.any help to that?
  5. denholms men troll river

    myself with the beer,bosun to my left,japanese barmaid,gp1,and catering boy,ashore in kobe,japan.cost a fortune that nite,got hee-haw.
  6. troll river crew panama canal 1977

    officers steward and g.p.1. enjoying the view through the canal.recognise yourself?onboard troll river,unfortuneatley i cannot remember your names.
  7. father archie dowling electrician-denholms dover 1961

    this should jolt a few memories especially those that sailed with him.don,t know the ship any ideas?
1-7 of 7 Results